Play As You Learn

  • Galileo


    Meet our youngest explorers. Their area is a self-contained bright, comfortable and friendly space, with a soft padded floor to cushion those early walking bumps. Your children will be able to grow and develop in a safe and loving environment.
  • Marco and Polo


    Marco is the next step on your child’s learning journey. As children become more physically active and in need of more challenging activities they will discover a whole new world of possibilities.
  • Livingston


    At this age the children will be moving confidently, developing language and negotiation skills and flexing their independence in the choices they make. Building on the earlier support of Marco and Polo the children will continue their learning journey through play, positive reinforcement and the opportunity to explore many sensory experiences.
  • Kingsley & Mackenzie


    Our Kingsley and Mackenzie children will share a large, bright and challenging space, set out to cover the 7 areas of learning. Independence is a key word in this area and with a high staff to child ratio the teacher will have the opportunity to work with small groups on a topic based theme and be able to identify and support the needs of each unique child.