Career and vacancies

What we look for

We believe in innovation and modern thinking. Our nursery, from the kids to the staff, are energized by our playful, child-led learning approach. We’re looking for people who share our vision for early childhood education. We offer an exciting career with plenty of opportunity for progression for those who wish to join our team.

Our values

We have a vision of your career: to have fun and grow at the same time. Respect between colleagues is crucial. We want to know what our people care about, so we always listen to the feedback of our teams, students and their parents.

We want our staff

to develop as much as they can, because if we don’t progress, then the children won’t take us as an example. We have only a few boundaries in the classroom, as our staff are always challenging themselves to learn more about the world. Our unique way of thinking makes us a leader in the early childhood education sector. We encourage being happy and confident in your work and private life. Send your CV